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    Get cosy this winter with our embossed bedspreads and shams!!
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    For the more fashion conscious tea drinkers
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    Preserve Jars
    Bringing production of the Kilner® jars home "Made in England"
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    Homemaking is where our heart is!!
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    Cotton Towels
    Combed towel range
    Elite Textiles® 100% Egyptian Cotton Bath towels
    Bargain Warehouse
    Beautiful, functional, iconic kitchenware for over 200 years
    Get caught up in the magic of Mason Cash

Best Selling Products

  • Spider Repellent Spray No More Spiders 500ml
    No More Spiders creates a natural border preventing spiders from wishing to enter your home. No More Spiders deters spiders but does not harm them.

  • Pet Chew Hide Cigar 5 inch
    100% Rawhide Cigar Shape Dog Chews. Packs of 50. Chewing this product can help promote healthy teeth and gums for your dog. Helps fight plaque and tartar. Feed as a treat, reward or training aid. Highly Palatable. Size: 125mm x 15mm (5″ x 5/8″0 approx.

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    Dehumidifier Pack
    The perfect solution to preventing damp, condensation, moisture and mildew around your house, and the nasty smell it leaves behind. The dehumidifier absorbs moisture up to 3 times its own weight.

  • Dish Drainer Clear With Drip Tray
    Kitchen Dish Drainer and Drip Tray 2 Piece Set In Clear. Being clear, this quality, rigid set will look great in any kitchen style or decor. The drip tray fit snuggly under the drainer or can be used seperately on the work surface to drain glasses and tumblers etc.


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