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  • Elbow Sports Support
    With elasticated support. For sports and leisure use only. Not to be worn whilst sleeping.
    Material Content: 78% synthetic Rubber. 22% Nylon.

  • Sports Support Elbow Support
    Effective support for sprains, twists and other sports injuries. Comfortable to use and suitable for all sports including everyday use.
    Size: Small.

  • Elbow Sports Support
    An elbow support, effective for sprains, twists and other injuries. Masterplast support bandages are made from a high quality knitted elasticated premium fabric, which provides firm and effective support to promote the treatment and prevention of injured and weakened muscles and joints.

  • Pack of 50 assorted fabric plasters. 4 different shapes and sizes, all natural skin colour. A must have for all first aid kits, this small sized pack is also ideal for a handbag or drawer so you're always prepared for any cuts or scratches.

  • Plasters Waterproof – Pack of 50
    Assorted waterproof plasters. Waterproof – Breathable – Durable. Breathable to protect and promote faster healing. The non stick gauze pad prevents the plasters sticking directly to the wound, causing irritation.

  • Sports Support Knee
    Knee Support Effective Support Sprains, Twists And Other Sports Injuries. Designed for uniform compression and support. It is lightweight, breathable, and washable. Made of four stretch elastic. Does not retain heat or moisture. Weight 55g.

  • Soothes and cools muscles . Not recommended for children under 10 years old.

  • Elbow Support
    Effective support for sprains, twists and other injuries.
    38% Polyester, 16% Rayon, 46% Rubber.
    Provides support for your elbow Helps to prevent and treat stress injuries Hand wash in cold water (30 degrees) Unstretched measures approx 7.75″ long x 3″ across when flat.

  • Bandage Cohesive Support
    Gives support to damaged tendons, joints, ligaments and muscles. This cohesive support bandage gives the support of a crepe bandage with the added advantages of being flexible and self fastening. It can be removed and repositioned and is fully breathable. The bandage sticks to itself, not your hairs or skin.

  • Comfort Aid Elbow Support
    Provides comfortable compression and therapeutic warmth to the quadriceps and hamstring areas. Helps reduce the pain from tendinitis. Comfortable to wear. Machine wash in cold water and air dry.

  • Sports Support Ankle Support
    Masterplast Ankle Support – Effective support for sprains, twists and other sports injuries. Comfortable to wear and will provide sufficient support where needed.

  • Elbow Support
    This elasticated support helps avoid the misery and frustration resulting from an injury. The unique design provides firm support for weak calfs and helps to prevent and treat stres injuries. especially effective for strains.

  • Sports Support Elbow
    Durable and comfortable, providing support with superior comfort. Unisex, safe and effective. One size fits all. Protects muscle joints and is designed to give good support without restricting movement.
    Effective support for twists and support injuries.



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