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  • Prices Citronella Large Terracotta Pot
    Keep the insects away this spring/summer with Prices Citronella Large Teracotta Pot Candle. This fresh Citronella fragrance is used by many to keep the insects at bay/ Prices is on of the best on the market, this scented candle maker is a supplier to Her Majesty The Queen herself.

  • Prices Citronella Tealights 25pk
    Each tealight burns for upto 5 hours.

  • Prices Citronella Tin Candle Unlidded
    The ever popular citronella range of candles from Prices. Citronella is popular as a “natural” insect repellent. Its mosquito repellent qualities have been verified by research, use these candles as an effective insect repellent in and around your home.

  • Prices Citronella Party Lights
    Burn times listed are maximum possible burn times under ideal conditions. Dimensions can vary slightly.
    Specs: Candle Height : 20 mm, Candle Diameter : 160 mm, Candle Weight : 249 grams.

  • Prices Citronella Small Terracotta Pot
    Prices Citronella Terracotta Mini Pot
    15 Hours burn time

  • Citronella Outdoor Tealights 12pk
    For outdoor use only, Excellent natural insect repellant scent. Keep The Creepy Crawlies Away With These Scented Tealights
    Always Read the Label.

  • Citronella Metal Bucket Candle
    This yellow Citronella candle in a yellow metal bucket is intended for outdoor use only. Once the candle is lit it will deter bugs and insects from disrupting your party or barbeque.
    Bucket size: 7cm high (excluding handle) x 8.5cm.

  • Prices Citronella Maxi Tealights 4pk
    Maxi Tealights Citronella 4pk. Great for using in the garden. Yellow in colour. Lemon fragrance.
    Candle Height : 22 mm. Diameter : 57 mm. Weight : 40 grams. Burn Time : 15 hours.

  • Prices Citronella Candle Jar Outdoor

  • Prices Citronella Fragrant Lantern Candle
    Keep small insects like midges and flies at bay this season with this gently fragranced citronella candle.
    Candle Height: 95 mm.
    Candle Diameter: 63 mm.
    Burn Time: 40 hour.

  • Prices Citronella Jar Candle
    Citronella candle Keep small insects like midges and flies at bay this season with this gently fragranced citronella candle. The candle comes in a small glass jar for outdoor use and has a total burn time of 25 hours.



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