Misc Cleaning

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  • Oven Cleaner Kit Oven Brite
    Cleans inside the oven and transforms racks & grills. Fume free composition
    Kit contains: bag, bottle, gloves.

  • Appliance Descaler Sachets 2pk
    Duzzit Pack Of 2 x 40g Sachets Appliance Descaler Limescale Remover Cleaner. Ideal For Use With A Kettle, Iron. Coffee machine, shower heads. Use regularly to keep you appliance free from limescale.

  • Hot Iron Cleaner
    Removes buildup on your iron’s soleplate including burnt on synthetic fabrics, glue and starch. These residues can reduce the iron’s performance and lead to unwanted transfer between garments. easy to use when the iron is hot.

  • Wine Stain Remover 2x30g Pack
    Specially designed to remove wine stains without the need for rubbing!. Simply place one sachet in water, and soak the stained fabric for 3 hours.

  • Metal Polish Liquid
    Liquid metal polish, polishes: Silver, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steal Aluminium, Chrome. 180ml. For a dazzling shine on silver, copper, brass, stainless steel, aluminium and chrome. The polish will clean your silverware and give it a dazzling shine in no time.



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