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  • UPVC Cleaner 800ml Spray Bottle
    UPVC cleaner is the ideal solution for cleaning everyday grime on UPVC surfaces.

  • Elbow Grease Lemon Degreaser 500ml
    Elbow grease is formulated to remove grease and oil in all situations. It is ideal for removing grease spots from fabrics and porous materials, for removing grease from kitchen surfaces and for cleaning oily surfaces such as engines and machinery.

  • Mould & Mildew Remover
    The mould & mildew remover has been specially formulated with a powerful bleach action to remove even the toughest mould and black mildew stains whilst killing 99.9% of bacteria and mould. Quick and easy to use, no scrubbing action.

  • Window and Glass Cleaner
    The window & glass cleaner has been specially formulated with the added natural cleaning power of vinegar to easily cut through grease and grime leaving a crystal clear, streak free shine.

  • Astonish Shower Shine Trigger 750ml
    Astonish Shower Self Cleaning (Trigger) Size: 750ml. Shines and protects. This easy to use formula simply spray on and rinse off all showers for removing soap scum. Kills Germs. Prevents mould and limescale build up. No scrubbing needed. Removes Soap Scum.

  • Kitchen Cleaner
    Specially formulated with a powerful cleaning action to remove tough kitchen grease and grime quickly and easily, leaving surfaces sparklingly clean and with a fresh lemon and grapefruit scent. Suitable for work surfaces, tiles, sinks, taps, enamel, cooker areas and cooker hoods.

  • Fabric Refresher
    The Astonish fabric refresher is specially formulated to neutralise unpleasant odours replacing them with a refreshing spring breeze scent for instant freshness. For use on clothes, carpets, curtain and other hard to wash surfaces.

  • Astonish bathroom cleaner 750ml

    The Astonish bathroom cleaner has been specially formulated to lift and remove the toughest dirt to leave a long lasting streak free shine. The powerful formula aids the removal of limescale, soap scum and watermarks with minimal scrubbing, leaving a pleasant bathroom fresh fragrance. Ideal for use on baths, wash basins, taps, glazed ceramics tiles, shower heads, chrome and other hard surfaces.

  • Antibacterial Cleanser
    The antibacterial cleaner is specially formulated to effectively clean surfaces killing 99.9% of common germs. Effective against e-coli, salmonella & listeria. The no bleach, no taint and odourless formula is designed to use on food preparation surfaces such as chopping boards as well as fridges, high chairs, bins & toilets.

  • Multi Surface Cleaner with Bleach

    The Astonish multi surface cleaner with bleach is a powerful and versatile cleaner with the added benefits of bleach to kill germs and leave surfaces hygienically clean. The powerful formula makes easy work of tough grease, dirt and stains leaving surfaces sparklingly clean and with a fresh marine scent.

  • Germ Clear Antibacterial Disinfectant
    Astonish germ clear is a specially formulated antibacterial disinfectant with natural pine oil which cleans & deodorises surfaces around the home including kitchen surfaces, floors, toilets & drains.



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