Oils & Lubricants

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  • WD40 450ml Smart Straw
    WD-40 protects metal from rust and corrosion, penetrates stuck or jammed parts, displaces moisture, and lubricates just about anything. Gets under dirt, marks and grease, making it easy to wipe them away.

  • Silicone Lubricant Spray
    151 High Performance Silicone Lubricant Spray Eliminates Squeaking & Sticking Protects against cracking & hardening.
    Size: 200ml.

  • Super Grease Spray Can
    Lubricates any Wood, Metal or Plastic. Outlast Normal Grease or Oil. Water Resistant. Corrosion Resistant. Quick and Clean. Totally Synthetic Formula. Suitable to use in Home or Workshop.

  • A 100ml squeezable container. This multipurpose oil lubricates, cleans and prevents rust.

  • Maintenance Spray – 200ml Can
    Super maintenance spray is the ideal multi purpose maintenance aid that dispels moisture, lubricates, penetrates, cleans and protects metals from corrosion and has thousands of uses around the home, garage, workshop and garden.

  • Oil Multi Lube 3 in 1
    High perfomance multi oil chain cable lubricant 180 ml. Multi-lube oil lubricates and protects, and has been developed to have hundreds of uses in the home office, workshop, garage etc.
    Provides long lasting lubrication and protection high perormance multi lube oil. Lubricates cleans prevents rust.



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