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  • Caulking Gun
    Finish off any sealing projects with precision and accuracy using a cleverly designed caulking gun. Supporting most standard sized caulk and sealer cartridges in a sturdy steel frame, this gun is perfect for achieving smooth, clean results each and every time.

  • White Frame Sealant Cartridge
    For all uPVC, wood and metal door and window frames. Permanent. Fast drying. Is based on high performance acrylic polymer. Can be overpainted. Fits all standard cartridge guns. Colour: White

  • Sealant Roof & Gutter
    Quick and easy repairs on all exposed surfaces, Waterproof. Repairs most small leaks in roofs and gutters. Provides a watertight permanent seal. Resistant to extreme weather conditions.
    Colour: Black

  • Sealant Bathroom & Kitchen
    A white bath and kitchen acrylic. For filling cracks and gaps in Kitchens and Bathrooms. Quick and easy to use with a standard caulking gun.
    Cartridge Size: 450g.

  • Multi-Purpose White Acrylic Sealant Cartridge
    For filling and sealing all gaps and cracks around the home. This product is quick drying and paintable. The cartridge fits all standard cartridge guns. 310ml cartridge.

  • Brown Frame Sealant Cartridge
    151 Frame Sealant Brown can be used to seal around wood and metal doors, and around window frames. It is based upon a high performance acrylic polymer and will provide a long lasting permanently flexible seal that can be overpainted when cured.

  • Crack Attack cartridge
    This all purpose filler is for interior or exterior use. It is ideal for filling most houshold materials, e.g. plaster, stone, concrete, brickwork and metal. It fills gaps quickly and easily, is super smooth, quick setting and flexible and requires only light sanding before decoration.

  • Silicone Clear Flexi Tube 70g
    This handy sized tube of clear Silicone Sealant is easy to apply and is ideal for small jobs all around the home. It is waterproof and is particularly useful for use in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Silicone 200 Contractors is a cost effective acetoxy cure sealant that adheres to most smooth and non-porous materials. This product contains an anti-fungal compound to prevent mould growth in areas of high humidity.



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