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  • Mug With Lid Ceramic Square Police Box Design
    Ceramic Square Police Box Mug with Lid. Each Mug is made from ceramics. Each Mug is priced individually and comes packaged in a decorative gift box. This item is not suitable for use in the microwave or dishwasher.

  • Key Chain Donald Trump Squeeze President
    Are you looking for an original, fun gift that will take everyone by surprise? Then buy the Squeeze Trump keyring! The ideal keyring for playing practical jokes, as when you squeeze the president, a slimy blob pops out of his behind!

  • Mr and Mrs Set of 2 Porcelain Mugs Gift Boxed
    Set of two stylish porcelain mugs suitable for both tea and coffee. Mr & Mrs design, kiss and moustache motif. perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. attractively packed in a box with see through window.

  • Pen Giant Syringe With Red Liquid
    Ballpoint pen in a ‘syringe’ full of imitation blood. Press the end to use, press a button on the side to retract.The pen is actually very comfortable to write with.

  • Ring For Sex Desk Bell
    Ring For Sex Bell. Fancy a quick one? Just give this sex bell a tinkle and see if your partner comes running! With a plastic handle and metal dome and clapper, it is convenient and loud enough to be heard throughout the house!
    Measurement Approx: 13 cm x 7.5 cm.

  • Routemaster Bus Ceramic Teapot & Cup Set for 1
    A fantastic tea-for-one set, in a red Routemaster bus design, consisting of a cup with a lidded teapot above it. Made from ceramic, the set is hand painted and finished with a high gloss glaze.

  • Routemaster Bus Teapot 13cm
    Routemaster Bus Teapot Well crafted made from Ceramic Designed by Ted Smith Not dishwasher or microwave safe Dimensions: 13cm x 22.5cm x 10cm.

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    Willy Lead Novelty Gift
    X rated adults only Willy lead. To keep the Old Boy under control. Great adult fun, for the adult in your life that needs to be led.

    £1.99 £0.99
  • Money Box Dragon Skull
    Each Dragon Skull Money box is made from white resin with a bone coloured wash. A darker wash is then added which adds detail and shading. On the base of each money box is an access hole which is sealed with a soft plastic bung.

  • Tankard Multi Skull With Skull Emblem. Awesome Resin Multiple Skull Tankard with larger central skull detail and a vertebrae spine handle. Tankard has a stainless steel lining.

  • Willy Warmer Knitted Animal Design
    The knitted willy warmers come in 3 different animal designs, The Snake, the Cockerel and the Elephant Trunk.
    One size fits all (LOL).

  • Apron With Penis
    This novelty apron with a long penis plush is a ri-dick-oulously hilarious gift for someone with a refined sense of humour! Adult fun for any occasion you deem suitable – maybe avoid your Nana’s birthday party though! Terrorise your friends.
    Approximate willy length: 52 cm.

  • Emoti Plush Cushion – Grimace
    Express yourself and add a fun, contemporary touch to your home with this Emoti GRIMACE SMILEY FACE plush cushion from Puckator. A perfect gift idea for all ages. Made from 100% polyester. Measures approximately 27cm diameter, 8cm deep. Embroidered design on one side only.

  • Emoti Plush Cushion – Angry Purple
    Express yourself and add a fun, contemporary touch to your home with this Emoti GRIMACE plush cushion from Puckator. A perfect gift idea for all ages. Made from 100% polyester.

  • Tankard Skull Warrior Stainless Steel & Resin
    Decorative Skull Warrior Tankard. The resin cover features a skull with a warrior helmet on top. The resin handle features a decorative armour design. The inner lining is made from stainless steel.

  • Tankard Skull Crypt
    Decorative Skull Crypt Tankard. Resin outer and stainless steel inner liner. Design feature skeleton and skulls, with a handle in bone design. Dimensions: Height 11.5 cm Width 15 cm Depth 10.5 cm approx. Decorative Only.

  • Gumball Machine
    Insert a coin and turn the crank to release a gumball. Works with any coin up to 25mm diameter. Not for children under 3 years due to small parts. If you are looking for a children’s gift, you don’t have to search any longer.

  • Novelty Noisy Slime/Putty In Toilet
    Have some cheeky fun with the noisy slime. Squeeze it in your hand and hear the “parp”. Comes in its own toilet container. Colour will vary.

  • Novelty Love Dice Glow In The Dark
    Glow in the Dark Love Dice. Throw the dice to ecstasy! Use these fluorescent dice to create new incentives in your sex live. You can even play in the dark. One dice decides upon the body part to caress, the other one what to do. For savage preliminaries.

  • Eraser Puzzle 4cm x 2cm Pack of 4 (6 asstd)
    6 Varieties to Collect 4 In each Pack The perfect gift for our little ones. Approximate dimensions 4 x 2,5cm.

  • Skin Beauty Massager With 4 Different Heads 13cm
    Skin beauty, with 4 different caps, ca. 13 cm, for 2 mignon batteries (AA) incl. storage box.

  • Beer Glass 500ml Female Torso Design
    Beer Glass Female Torso glass, capacity: 1.5 ltr. Product Features: Height: 25.5 cm Material: Glass.

  • Mug Ceramic Round London Police Box Design
    Ceramic Police Box Mug. Great for Dr Who Fans. This quirky mug is made from ceramic. Not suitable for use in the dishwasher or microwave Dimensions: Height 10.5cm Width 14.5cm Depth 9.5cm approx. Gift boxed.

  • Handcuffs – Plastic Love Cuffs
    A novelty pair of love handcuffs, these are a real fun item, red with small hearts made from plastic with a key to lock and unlock. Great for hen parties.

  • Novelty Red Plush Heart With Arms
    The Big Hug Heart Cushion has outstretched arms, waiting for a big hug! Filled with soft polyester padding and covered with a soft red material (surface wipe-able). This makes a fantastic novelty gift.



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