Air Fresheners

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  • Air Freshener Gel Pull Up
    Pan Aroma Gel pull up air freshener is available in 3 lovely fragrances and will help to freshen your home or workplace.

  • Room Freshener 400ml Pink Orchid and Lotus Flower
    Pink Orchid and Lotus flower fragranced air freshener-Acts in Seconds- Freshens the air quickly-Long lasting freshness-Quality fragrance-Proven to be long lasting and effective at eliminating even strong odours-400ml capacity.

  • Air Freshener 400ml Wild Lily and Jasmine
    Pan Aroma Air Freshener is an ideal aerosol for your home. Experiment with the range of fragrances to change the aroma around your living space.
    Pack Size: 400ml

  • Room Freshener Spa Retreat Fragrance
    Freshens and eliminates odours for a long lasting fragrrance. To treat the air simply spray around the room. For soft surfaces and fabrics, clean the area and spray surface untill damp. Allow to dry naturally.

  • Air Freshener Gel Type Pack of 2
    Pan Aroma 2 x Gel Air Fresheners, Each Pack lasts up to 4 weeks. 100g Each Gel Air freshener. Pan Aroma gel air fresheners are ideal to provide continuous freshness for your home and office.


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