Car Cleaning

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  • Car-pride spray wax
    is the quick and easy way to polish and wax your car to leave it in showroom condition.the special formula will help protect your paintwork and will also repel water.
    Directions: shake can thoroughly. spray directly onto surface.

  • Car Pride Interior Clean and Shine
    Helps Restore Trims & Dashboards To A Showroom Condition
    Safe On Plastic, Vinyl Dashboards & Trims.

  • Car Pride 300ml Spray Car Care Wheel Cleaner/Clean For All Types Of Alloy Wheels

  • Car Pride Instant Valet
    Instant Valet Cleans & restores interior upholstery and trims. Instant valet helps to clean and restore upholstery to show room condition. It helps to remove stubborn stains and works deep into the fabric breaking up dirt and dust.

  • Car Pride Engine Degreaser
    Cleans oil, grime and road dirt from car engines. It is especially useful for tracking oil leaks on dirty engines. Easy spray and rinse off application.

  • Car Pride Tyre Black Spray 300ml
    Helps to clean and restore old or worn tyres, The foam formula helps to break down built up dirt and grime from the tyre wall quickly and effectively. Dirctions on can.

  • Car Wash & Wax 151
    This high concentrated shampoo will quickly eliminate dirt and grime from your car. This shampoo also has the benefit of added wax providoing a clean, shining, protected finish in one application.

  • Shammy Synthetic 50cm x 35cm
    A pack of 3 synthetic shammys. each shammy is an ideal all rounder for the home and car. Soaks up spills up to 1 times its own weight in water. Use all around your home, for windows, kitchen use, in the bathroom.

  • Car Bumper & Trim Cleaner
    A spray can of car bumper and trim cleaner.
    Size: 300ml.

  • Car Spray Wax Polish
    Hi quality wax polish for your car, it sprays a fine mist of wax, a little goes a long way and it is a lot easier to buff off to a deep shine.
    Size: 300ml.



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