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  • Ladies Black Thermal Fleece Gloves
    These gloves are perfect for Winter conditions when you need warmth without bulk. With an attachment for keeping both gloves together, and made from 40g of thinsulate fleece fabric, the Polar Fleece Gloves will keep your hands warm all day long.

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    Scarf Thinsulate Acrylic Mens
    Keep the cold away with this Thinsulate scarf crafted from 3M synthetic insulation fibres for extra warmth. The scarf is finished in a honeycomb knit. The scarf comes in 3 colours Black, Blue and Grey.
    100% Acrylic, Hand wash only.
    Size: Length 150cm x width 20cm.

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  • A4 Ruled Notebook
    Stationery for the home, office or school use. The notebook has 200 pages approx and is top spiral bound. Ruled with margin.
    Size: Length: 30cm Width: 21cm.

  • Cat Flea and Tick Spot On 4 Week Treatment
    Spot On For Cats. Flea & Tick Treatment Repellent. Active ingredient Geraniol 0.72% w/w. Insect Repellent against fleas and ticks on cats and kittens from 12 weeks old.

  • Dog Toy Canvas and Rope 6 asstd Deluxe
    Smart Choice canvas rope dog toy with squeaker. Great for playing tug of war with your dog. Available in 6 designs. Canvas rope dog tug toys. 6 designs: triangle of cheese, potato chips, chicken soup, ketchup, milk & premium sausage.

  • Dried Mealworms
    100g dried mealworms wild bird feed. A feed material for wild birds containing a high source of protein. Ideal for a variety of wild garden birds. Loved by blue tits, great tits, blackbirds, wrens, robins and thrushes.
    Size: 400ml.

  • Sabichi Balti Dish 14cm Diameter Stainless Steel
    Impress your guests with our beautiful Balti dishes. Mild or spicy your curry dishes are sure to look even more delicious when served in our Balti dishes. Give your curry night the authentic touch.
    Size: 14cm.

  • Combination Pliers
    Nodularcast iron heads with easy grip PVC handle for comfort.
    Size: 8″ (20cm approx.)
    Combination Pliers.

  • PureBreed Treats Chewy Yumbone
    For medium to large sized dogs. complimentary pet food for adult dogs. may be fed at any time of the day as a treat or reward. To be fed to your dog responsibly.
    Fresh drinking water should always be available.
    Size: 25.5cm.

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    Lightbulb Halogen GLS 100w
    Eveready 80w Halogen GLS ES – This 80w GLS is an halogen replacement for a 100w incandescent with a light output of 1400 lumens, giving you a 20% energy saving. It comes in 2700k(Warm white) meaning it works great in domestic or business use creating a warmer feeling around the room.

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  • Red Scented Pillar Candle
    Great for room decoration or for creating a soothing aromatic atmosphere. Attractive fragrance is released during burning. Ideal for floral arrangements , on candle sticks and decorating around the home.
    Burn time: 22 hours approx.

  • Dog Waste bags 3 Roll pack
    Leak-proof bags for safe, sanitary handling, arrows point to the bag opening for quick access. Rolls fit standard-size lead dispensers and quickly pull out. There are 15 bags per roll and 3 rolls per pack.
    Bag Size: Length 35cm w x Width 5cm.
    In Pink, Blue and Black.

  • Doggy Clean Up Bags
    100 High quality disposable doggy bags. Ideal to take out on a walk with your dog. Packed in a full colour carton with a perforated access area.

  • Dog Safety Vest Reflective
    Never again will your dog be able to lose you on long walks in the dark! This Hi-Vis vest will enable you to keep an eye on your pet at all hours.
    Size: 10″ x 7″. Hi Vis For Dogs

  • Dog Bed Luxury 46x37x10cm Brown Paw
    Luxury pet cushion made from hard wearing polyester, with sponge and polyester filling. Pet friendly design with paw print logo.
    Colour: Brown / Cream.
    Size: 46 x 37 x 10cm approx.

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    Fleece Pet Cushion
    These wonderfully versatile bone shapped dog cushion pads are covered in a cosy, warm fleece. They are perfect for use in plastic dog beds and many more applications.
    The fixed outer is a soft yet durable thermal Fleece.
    Approx Size: 50cm x 70cm.
    Bone Shape.

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  • Dog Toy Neon Pull With Ball & Handle (4 asstd colours)
    Toy length: 12″ – we will send a random colour unless you email us with a colour preference within 12 hours of purchase. Please Note colour preference is subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed.

  • Dog Toy Squeaky Dessert (4 asstd designs available)
    Squeaky Dog toy in Dessert designs – made from plastic – if you want a particular design please leave note while ordering or email us as soon as you have placed your order. Price is for one toy.

  • Dog Toy Jumbo Squeaky (3 asstd – burger, hotdog, drumstick)

  • Dog Lead Metal Chain With Nylon Handle Grip
    Plated chain lead is Anti-rust Anti-tarnish Anit-knot durable for long time use. Strong Pulling against excited dogs by using Steel Chain Lead.
    Soft Nylon handle for comfort when holding lead.

  • Pet Chew Hide Pork Chop Pack of 20
    100% Natural Pressed Rawhide. Pork chop shape. Chewing this product can help promote healthy teeth and gums for your dog. Helps fight plaque and tartar.

  • Dog Snack Bikkies
    Munch & Crunch Marrowbone Treats Cereals, meat and animal derivatives, minerals, various sugars, oils & fats, derivatives of vegetable origin.
    Package Size: 350g.

  • Dog Snack Bikkies
    New Munch & Crunch Bikkies Delicious Bones. Full of flavour, Bikkies Delicious Bones can be given at any time of day as a tasty treat or reward, alongside a well balanced diet. Always supervise when feeding and keep fresh water available.

  • Bird Food Dried Mealworms
    Attract Fascinating Wild Birds To Your Garden. Ideal For All Types Of Wild Bird. Great As A High Protein Treat For Poultry. Can Be Scattered On A Bird Table, On The Ground, Or Use One Of Our Specially Designed Mealworm Feeders.
    Size: 1kg Bag.

  • Party Loot Bags
    A pack of 16 Party Loot Bags available In 2 Colours ( Pink & Blue ) Perfect For Birthday Occasions. Happy Birthday written on all bags.
    Size: 23cm tall x 15cm wide (9″ x 6″) approx.

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    Pencils & Erasers Sweet Star
    This is a lovely girlie set, pink, pink and more pink….The set comprises of a drawing/writing pad approx 7in wide x 10in long. There are 3 pencils with Hula Figure transfers on each one and 3 erasers on top of each pencil, a sharpener and a 6 in ruler.

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    General Purpose Rope
    Soft and durable weatherproof rope that can be used around the home and garden to secure, tie down or use as washing line.
    Image may vary.
    Lenght: 15m / 50ft.

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  • Felt Floor Protectors
    For use on furniture such as tables, stools, chairs on any surface that you dont want to be marked. Each has a side with adhesive on and each is 38mm though can be cut down to size.

  • Vinyl Gloves Powdered Medium
    Disposable gloves, Suitable for those allergic to rubber. Fits either hand. Available in twenty per pack.
    Size: Medium. Pack of 20.

  • Car Seat Protector Cover
    Protects your car upholstery or boot lining from dirt, grease and grime. Easy to fit with velcro straps for easy installation and removal. Water and tear resistant, strong polyethylene fabric. Great when moving household waste to the tip, or as a groundsheet for picnics etc.
    Colour: Green or Blue.

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    Washing Up Liquid Easy Green Totally Original
    Easy Original washing up liquid with a hint of Verbena. Specially formulated to wash away stubborn grease and food residue. Leaves dishes and cutlery sparkling clean. New improved formula provides longer lasting bubbles.

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  • Pastry Brushes 2pk 18mm/38mm
    Ideal kitchen accessory. Ideal for coating meats, vegetables and much more. Pack of two pastry brushes 0.75 inch and 1.5 inch, black plastic handles with nylon bristles. Good design, easy to clean.

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    Childrens Paddling Pool 48 inch diameter
    Inflatable 3 ring paddling pool ideal for young children measuring 4 foot in diameter by 12″ deep. Perfect for splashing around in on hot sunny days! Easy to inflate in minutes.

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  • Sports Support Elbow Support
    Effective support for sprains, twists and other sports injuries. Comfortable to use and suitable for all sports including everyday use.
    Size: Small.

  • Pedicure Paddle
    Easy to use when either wet or dry this pedicure paddle has 4 special surfaces to give your feet the perfect pedicure: Metal file – File down rough surfaces and calluses, Pumice Stone – Softens hard skin on the heels and toes, Smoothing file.

  • Pocket Tissues 10 Mini Packs
    Kingfisher 3 ply Handy Packs of Facial Tissues. Soft and Strong. Perfect pocket size for convenience. Never be caught without a tissue again.
    Keep in handbag, pocket and car.



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