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  • Christmas Cat Advent Calendar
    With Assorted Treats. Armitage Good Girl Advent Calendars For Cats. Contains delicious catnip treat behind every door. Use as a treat or reward. Not suitable for cats under 3 months.

  • Corner Scratch Board With Plush
    This scratch board offers great sisal areas, framed by soft plush. You not only protect the edges and corners in your house, but also offer somewhere for your cat to scratch at the same time. an attractive alternative!

  • Nobby Cloth Sausages
    The hunting instinct of a cat requires a playful manner. And the fine touch of these cloth sausages will fascinate your cat and fulfill their curiosity.
    Content: Cloth sausage, With catnip (One catnip sausage will be supplied unless you choose more.)

  • Mason Cash Cane Lettered Cat Bowl
    Mason Cash Cane Petware is used all over the world. Made from stoneware the 12cm x 5.3cm Embossed Cane Cat Pet Bowl is durable, practical and difficult to tip over.

  • Mason Cash Lettered Cat Bowl
    Durable and practical. Stoneware helps to keep water cooler for longer. Difficult for your pet to push around or to tip over during feeding. Bite resistant. Hygienic, easy to clean. Dishwasher, fridge and freezer safe. Made from heavy stoneware.

  • Mason Cash 8cm Diameter Cat Bowl
    Mason Cash Cane Original Low Feeding Bowl. This bowl is unique in design, as it is lower to the ground, providing your pet with easier access to their food, as they find it uncomfortable to eat out of a bowl with high sides.

  • Good Girl Catnip Drops
    Are delicious little drops which have been specially formulated for cats with the flavour of real catnip. Your cat is sure to keep coming back for these tasty treats.

  • Cat Grass Seed Kitty Herbs 0.88oz Pack With Pot
    Growable Cat Treat. A mix of grasses cats will love. All natural – Grows Quickly – Aids Digestion. Fibre rich dietary supplement. Grow nutritious grasses cats eat in nature. Grows quickly.

  • Kitty Babble Ball
    Pets love it, obsess with it, chase it and go absolutely nuts for it! The Babble Ball® is an interactive toy that rivets the attention of dogs and cats! It talks and makes noises when touched. Its technology is so sensitive it can be triggered by a pet breathing.

  • Pet Travel Water Bottle
    A potable water bottle and water tray for pets, hand held and easy to use. Comes in various colours. This hand held portable dog drinker is easy to use with no spills or leaks. Simply fold down the tray & squeeze water bottle for your pet to drink.



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